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Just Right!

Right Size Your Home

Is It Time?

Partner with Park City’s expert real estate broker, Tom Ward

Right Size Your Home

Is It Time?

Partner with Park City’s expert real estate broker, Tom Ward

Just Right!
Just Right!


Is it time to downsize?

  • Smaller home
  • Smaller portfolio
  • Life course change
  • Tired of managing a rental


Is it time to upsize?

  • Larger home
  • Larger portfolio
  • Time to invest
  • Buy replacement property first

Better Fit

Is it time for a better fit?

  • New location
  • New neighborhood
  • Different floor plan
  • Different style

Is Your Home The 

Right Size?

Life is good when we have choices, and for most of us we are lucky enough to live in a house that we choose. But over time, what was once a home that ticked all the boxes, may no longer be a best fit for your family and your lifestyle.

Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • Your home is feeling too large
    or too small.
  • You’re putting up with a less than ideal floorplan, housestyle or location.
  • Your home no longer fits your lifestyle, goals or values very well.
You know there’s something next but:
  • The thought of making a move feels somewhat overwhelming.
  • You’re worried you might not sell or buy at the right time.
  • You’re unclear what your options are.

Housing Needs Naturally Shift


Empty Nest

Aging Parents


It’s easier than you think to align your real estate with your current life stage.
And the benefits you realize can be substantial!

Rightsizing Can Mean...

  • More $ for emerging needs, interests
  • More time for doing what you love
  • More enjoyment from your home
  • A new chapter, a new adventure
  • Less hassle
  • Peace of mind

Rightsizing made simple with a Realtor you can trust

Tom Ward, Realtor

Certified Residential Specialist

You need a local expert who cares about you, 
and knows how to get you where you want to be

In my 25+ years as a Park City Realtor I have helped scores of people move their lives forward. It is personally very rewarding for me to see them accomplish their dreams.

More than a listing agent, I help you clarify your goals, and manage all aspects of the project – before, during and after the sale.

We Love to See Our Clients

Reap the Benefits of a Rightsize Move

“So happy we chose Tom for the recent sale of our condo. He simplified the process for us and took care of every detail. When we needed advice he had all the answers, and we valued his honesty and integrity. This team also has great resources to use to prepare a property for the market.”

Chad and Cathy

Reason for selling: time to cash out of a rental investment
Benefit: less hassle, simplify, cashflow

“Tom sold our house! He is competent, calm and experienced & went way beyond what we were expecting as far as service, attention to details and good advice. You will NOT find a more competent and trustworthy real estate team.”

Rick and Joan

Reason for selling: time for an entirely new location
Benefit: better fit for what they are looking for in retirement

“Tom has been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in our home selling and buying process. He paid attention to so many details that I never had to worry about it. He has great relationships with other realtors and great connections in the community. His expertise and guidance has been essential every step of the way!”

Jill and Bill

Reason for selling: time to down-size from large family home to smaller home
Benefit: freed up money for more experiences and travel

“I recommend Tom Ward for anyone looking for an experienced agent that knows the area, knows quality construction, goes the extra mile to market your listing and is fun to work with. Tom is a real pro and I highly recommend him!”

Bill and Christy

Reason for selling: time for a different neighborhood
Benefit: better fit for his families changing needs

You can have a Home that Feels “Just Right”

Here’s How It Works


We want to know all about your property, your short term and long term goals, or any percolating ideas.

Planning & Preparation

Your move may be 3-5 years out, 1-2 years out, or asap.
In any case, it’s never
too soon to prepare.


You relax while we put
your plan in action.

Celebrate - JUST RIGHT!

Time to live happily with
Results that Move You!

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Certified Residential Specialist


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